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World Sensation! Collect Energy, Water and CO2 From Air. Now also Ventilation's that filters Virus and Bacteria

Ventilation system that eliminate virus and bacteria

How do we get: Cheap Energy, Water, how to Eliminate Carbon Dioxide, get Virus Free Air in Cars, Airplanes, and in Hospitals. Nano Filtering is the Solution.

Nikola Tesla realized that the air contains all the energy and water humanity needs. New technology, nano filter, and wind can utilize the various major molecules of hydrogen, methane, water, also CO2”
— Claes Persson
STOCKHOLM, SVERIGE, October 23, 2017 / -- Now in 2017, HyMeAir presents two new unique inventions, based on nano-filters:
Ventilation systems in buildings and vehicles and gas mask that filters out unwanted particles, but also filter away airborne viruses and bacteria from breathing air, and can even increase the amount of oxygen in the air.

During 2016, HyMeAir presented the most important invention in modern history. But like most big revolutions, this innovation takes time for many scientists to understand. Albert Einstein:
“Simplicity is the root of all genius. Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
The genius Nikola Tesla, 100 years ago:
"I am trying to awake the energy contained in the air. There are the main sources of energy. What is considered as empty space is just a manifestation of matter that is not awakened."

During Nikola Tesla's heyday there was no access to nano filters, but now we have, the time has come to implement Tesla's visions. The air we breath contains 1,3-kilo molecules per m3 of different size, hydrogen, methane, water, carbon dioxide, etc. With new nano-filter technology we can now easily, and quickly, take care of the molecules we want.

Finally, it's possible, easy and cheap, with the help the power of the wind, to collect endless amounts of clean energy molecules and water molecules from the air, via the latest type of nano-filters.
The same technique can also quickly and easily, within a couple of years, eliminate carbon dioxide molecules, stop the climate change.
This innovation is the only technique that within a couple of years can save humanity.

Forget today's very dangerous megatrend "renewable energy": Wind turbines, solar panels, wood, biofuels, and batteries can of course not save our world. These medieval energy sources have instead already begun to destroy our future. Since 2013 carbon dioxide now rising more than ever - 2,5ppm per year, (Mauna Loa).

In a short time the world now has started the biggest global contest in the history of humanity:
"Follow The Money - Grab as Much as Possible - Fast." A considerable part of your tax money nowadays disappears in infinitely many different support for "renewable energy."

At last, the technique and the time now have come to save animals, nature, your own, and all other human lives: Air, the power of the wind, and nano filters. The same nano filtering technique can also eliminate virus and bacteria in selected locations.

We all must immediately urge politicians and mass media to stop today's massive destruction of our tax money and immediately start using this new and inexpensive technology that will give us an abundance of almost free energy and water as well as eliminate climate change - to save our future.

HyMeAir has begun a collaboration with a specialist group lead by a professor at the Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology, to quickly give you and the whole world a bright, clean future.
Our simple, initial test succeeded in separating hydrogen gas, the smallest molecule. We are now in the follow-up phase of more stringent, scientific testing.

The world is continually changing. E.g., all "experts and climate friends" loved diesel 2007, today 2017, "Dieselgate!" One always have to choose, be a "winner" or "disappear." HyMeAir's technology can shortly rescue humanity from climate change and give the world "almost free" energy and water.

Companies interested in latest technology and the possibility of significant income in the future are welcome to contact HyMeAir.

About HyMeAir
HyMeAir is a Swedish company founded by Claes Persson 2016. Claes is a serial entrepreneur with many successful launches since 1968. Claes has even established a computer company that in the 90s became Sweden's most fast-growing company and the winner of the Swedish stock exchange.
HyMeAir/Claes has since 1970 created several new innovative processes.
The innovations 2016 will save our world from ongoing climate change, and will also give us all energy and water we need. The latest innovations, 2017, ventilation systems, and gas mask systems will provide us with air, free from viruses- and bacteria. All these simple, innovative products built on elementary physics and atomic physics, is simple to understand, and simple to manufacture.

Company name: HyMeAir AB
Contact person: Claes Persson - CEO
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Claes Persson
HyMeAir AB
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Air contains 1,3 kilo different sized molecules per m3, Nanofilter can catch: energy (hydrogen and methane), water, carbon dioxide, also virus and bacteria

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